Pestie Subscription (Pay each application)

Pestie Subscription (Pay each application)

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08 Jun 2021
Katy K.
Washington Washington
All Bugs Gone After One Day

I live in a new construction house close to the ocean. The amount of bugs we found in our house daily was astounding. We haven’t found even one bug since using pestie....and application was so quick!

17 May 2021
Robert L.
Decatur, Georgia Decatur, Georgia
Had to give it a chance.

When I had to call my pest company to remind them for the second time to come and spray my home... i cancelled the contract. Had to take control of my own pest problem.. so I decided to try Pestie... seemed too simple not to give it a chance. So I ordered the product and everything has been great.. comes with everything needed to treat property (just add water) and takes no more time than to load the sprayer and walk the perimeter of your home. Application has been down for ten days now and i noticed a few bugs dead at the entry way but nothing else. I plan to continue as time will really tell me if it is as effective as it seems to be at this time. But I am very pleased at this initial stage with the product and the entire process. Perfect DIY project.

21 May 2021

Thank you for the review Robert! We love our customer's DIY spirit! We are so happy you found the experience easy. Thanks again for the feedback, let us know if you ever need anything :)

16 May 2021
Ryan C.
Brusly, Louisiana Brusly, Louisiana
Easy do it yourself cost saving pest control

I have always had traditional the pest control service and when I came across Pestie on Facebook, it had me curious. After looking into Pestie further, I realized I could have pest control for the whole year for the same price I was paying each quarter for traditional pest control, Pestie was a no brainer.  The ease of Pestie is remarkable, put gloves on, fill with water, add premeasured chemical, screw in pump/wand, shake and spray your homes perimeter. Doesn't get much easier than that. Thanks Pestie for coming up with a cost saving pest control solution that anyone can utilize. Excellent concept!!

15 May 2021
Ryan L.
Wayne, Nebraska Wayne, Nebraska
Bugged No More!

I really like Pestie so far. I haven't seen any bugs since I started applying the spray. The instructions were clear and I liked that I could just use a QR code to watch an easy to understand video. I think the pricing is excellent for Pestie. I used to pay $55 dollars a month or $660 dollars a year. I'm happy to be protected from pests and not drown in debt. Thanks!

11 May 2021
Brian K.
Prescott Valley, Arizona Prescott Valley, Arizona
Definitely an Affordable Effective Solution

After many years of running pest control companies, I have found Pestie easy to use and a well thought out solution. They are using industry proven synthetic pyrethroids and possibly other materials over time that seasonably become more effective in breaking down resistance. The sprayer is simple and will be replaced when necessary. Letting someone else provide you with everything you need at a competitive price becomes an attractive alternative to standard pest control services.

12 May 2021

Thank you for the review Brian, it really means a lot to us.

A Pestie Customer
09 May 2021
Susan H.
Wilson, North Carolina Wilson, North Carolina
So Easy!

Still waiting to see the effectiveness of the treatment but application was so easy! I am a 62 yr old female and found the process so easy!

12 May 2021

We are happy to hear you had such an easy time Susan! Thanks for the review!

09 May 2021
Bolingbrook, Illinois Bolingbrook, Illinois
Best of any pest control concept

This a revolution way of DIY house work , love the convenience and the easy of use. Did I mentioned the price is just right.

08 May 2021
James R.
Allentown, Pennsylvania Allentown, Pennsylvania
Works Great!

This has been one of the best products I have used in years! We have tried many various brands that just dont work as advertised like Pestie. It literally just took one application and already it’s much better than any other treatment we have used….period!

12 May 2021

Your review makes us want to do cartwheels! Thank you for the kind words and we are so happy you're enjoying the product!

08 May 2021
Courtney K.
East Petersburg, Pennsylvania East Petersburg, Pennsylvania

Within a few hours we noticed less mosquitoes and bugs in our yard!

06 May 2021
John O.
Fairfield, California Fairfield, California
Pest Free Life

I love this product! Every year my home is invaded with ants, spiders and other creepy crawlers. We’ve lived in our home for over 35 years and had become accustomed to the ongoing issue. I’ve been using this product for a year and it has made a huge difference! My home is finally pest free and I can’t thank you enough for the sense of peace it’s brought my entire household.

07 May 2021

That is great to hear John! Thank you for being a Pestie customer and we are so happy we were able to bring peace to your house :)

22 Mar 2021
Timothy S.
Richland, Washington Richland, Washington
Great Product!

I was skeptical... how could this work as good as the commercial guys? Well, it does! Black Magic, I think. The bugs just run! We no longer have the continual issue with ants and spiders. It's really amazing! Everything is included, even the gloves for when you mix it up. I have told all my neighbors about Pestie.

16 Feb 2021
Garett O.
Encinitas, California Encinitas, California
Genuinely Works as Advertised!!!

Our family is extremely leery of big pest control companies and their yearly four figure price structures, and who knows what they are even using to propel the pests away? With an active backyard and young children, I decided to try Pestie. Within a week of the very first treatment, ants and black widow spiders were virtually GONE! I was dumbfounded and have since told all of my neighbors about this amazing company.

15 Feb 2021
Robert S.
Yuma, Arizona Yuma, Arizona
Very Positive Experience

I’ve delayed reviewing Pestie until I had a couple of shipments and now that I have, I feel I can give a pretty good review. First, the shipping is quick and tracking was provided. Second, the box comes with everything you need, except water. The wand was a little underpowered the first time, so the second time I put rechargeable batteries before I started working. That increased the power. The gloves provided seemed to be medium sized, which are a little small for me, but I just used my own gloves. As far as the pesticide goes, it seems to work really well. In southern AZ, we have bugs year round, and I have seen dead spiders and crickets after spraying every time. As far as it lasting, I didn’t really see any bugs until right before the next shipment came. At least for the cooler months, it lasted all three months between sprays. Overall, I’m very satisfied with the product and I’m glad I don’t have to pay to have a company spray anymore.

Pestie Pestie Subscription (Yearly) (Ships every 3 Months) Review
A Pestie Customer
30 Oct 2020
Danny F.
Carrollton, Texas Carrollton, Texas
Finally a solution!

I have always been a diy type of guy, but as our world has gotten more and more complex it's easier and easier to get things that contradict! The complexity of what type of chemicals, when to apply, is it safe for kids wet? Dry? Pets? No pets? It was easy to get scared back into using a service. Not any more!! Fill, pour, and spray! I've put a single application down, so longevity I can't speak to but im excited to keep trying! I feel like I get all the regular spray areas plus the ones I had to pay extra for: the garage, the eaves, under the kids fort (hornets)... Love love love it! Great ux, now if you could only tilt the fill line printed on the bag under for filling it in the sink it would be perfect!

Pestie Pestie Subscription (Yearly) (Ships every 3 Months) Review
13 Oct 2020
Justin H.
Las Vegas, Nevada Las Vegas, Nevada
Very pleased!

Very happy so far! We bought a house and there was a ton of ants that kept coming inside. Killed them all and they just kept coming back. Took a chance on Pestie and ordered it. Sprayed along our backyard (that’s where they were coming in from) and haven’t seen them or any bugs hanging out at all since. We used to pay $90 every 3 months for a pest guy to come out so $25 every 3 months with Pestie is definitely a win in my book. Easy to mix and easy to apply. Definitely recommend if you’re having bug issues.

A Pestie Customer
13 Oct 2020
Scott W.
Garner, North Carolina Garner, North Carolina
Bottom line? It just works!

I liked everything about using Pestie for the first time. The product arrived with minimal packaging. You add your own water, put in the chemical and attach the wand. Really easy. I then sprayed the perimeter of my home, and the perimeter of the garage interior. My wife would tell you it works a little too well. For a couple days after applying, we were finding dead pests in our garage, near the back door, etc. But that's the goal, right? I really like the fact that I don't have anything to store. When the time comes for the next application, it will arrive and that's it. Great product, and a great concept!

13 Jun 2021
Selena S.
Awesome product

This is the best pest control we have ever had. We hired professional company come out on a yearly plan to prevent bugs from coming in the house but it did not work! After just a fist application, we have not seen any bugs in the house. We saw dead bugs outside the house where we sprayed along as the barrier. High recommend it.

12 Jun 2021
Brian R.
Michigan Michigan
First application

The package was received and unpacked. The instructions were straightforward and easy to setup the spray. So far the amount of bugs around the home has diminished but are not totally gone. We have not been seeing any inside the house two weeks after spraying, so far so good.

12 Jun 2021
David B.
Texas Texas
Great customer service on a solid product

I know we have a stubborn ant problem and Pestie put into my hands exact control without anyone rushing to get done and move into the next job. When we had a recurrence of ants before the next quarterly shipment it took one email to exercise the guarantee with no hassle. That’s refreshing! The next treatment will focus on one area inside the house that has been difficult to reach and I expect that will be that. Read and follow the directions exactly and you will have no issues. This is a powerful insecticide so just do what they say and it’ll work great!

12 Jun 2021
John L.
Florida Florida
Bye bye bugs at less than half the cost…

Placing the order was easy. Everything arrived quickly, followed instructions and haven’t seen any bugs! Yeah