Pestie Smart Pest Plan XL (Prepay & Save)

Pestie Smart Pest Plan XL (Prepay & Save)

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Treats homes up to 7,000 square feet!
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08 Feb 2024
mahmood a.
Michigan Michigan

Pestie Products

I had big issue with pest in my house and I was using local pest control company was charging me more than $100/month. I found out about pestie products and I order them for 9month supplies with the use of two applications I don't have any bugs in my house now, their products works really great and I would recommend them to every one and I will order more from them.

08 Feb 2024


Pestie for the win! Thanks for the great review!

02 Feb 2024
Texas Texas

Good product!

We started using pestie last year after a neighbor told us about it. I have used expensive monthly subscriptions before that in a different house. The current home was heavily remodeled so almost everything is new so no issues indoor. But roaches and bugs started coming in eventually. After applying pestie at the outdoor perimeters of the house, we have not seen a single roach anymore!

A Pestie Customer
03 Nov 2023
Sarah T.
Michigan Michigan

PESTY saves me $400/ year!!!

I used to pay $149 every 3 months for a pest service, which means PESTY saves me over $400 a year! The quality of the product is same or better and the customer service and satisfaction can’t be beat. When I saw the add on IG I saved it immediately, cancelled my service contract with the other guys and ordered PESTY at the next calendar quarter. The application was super way and I have no bugs. 20/10 definitely recommend.

11 Apr 2024
Mary S.
Texas Texas


Worked great I highly recommend this product great value and it kept bugs away

11 Apr 2024
Emily B.
Oregon Oregon

I love a bug-free home!

Pestie is simple to use. Comes with everything you need in the box and has handy reminders to know when you need to spray by. Much cheaper than our previous pest service!

11 Apr 2024
Vanessa R.
New York New York

Immediate difference!

Sprayed area where I knew I had crickets and the next day. I saw a bunch of motion less ones the next day.

11 Apr 2024
Cassie A.
Illinois Illinois

Easy and Simple

It was easy and simple. I loved the emails that go along with it and there are so many how tos to make it even better.

09 Apr 2024
Barbara B.
North Carolina North Carolina

Easy peasy

Such an easy process to complete every quarter — and I’m in my 70s

09 Apr 2024
Ashok P.
Florida Florida

Best pest control service at a reasonable price

The product works very well. I live in South Florida and we get all kinds of bugs. Earlier we used to see an array of bugs in my lanai but after spraying they are gone bug free life for 3 months or so and the we start seeing some here and there and by then it is time for the follow up application. I am loving it.

08 Apr 2024
Hermes P.
Texas Texas

So far so good

So given the price and how easy it was to follow, I give it 5 stars. If I paid a little more, I would have given 4 stars. Why Everything else was good except for the wand provided didn't have an adjustable head. This made it difficult to spray around the windows indoors without getting it in places that I don't want it.

07 Apr 2024
Barany D.
New Jersey New Jersey

issues with ants

This will be the first full season after acquiring pestie midway through last year. I did like the results from last year and hoping for the same this year.I have invested in exterminators to tackle this same problem. I am currently dealing with foundation ants. I've tried this product out last year from an online site and am hoping as I use a full year I get the same3 results as last year. I had a significant reduction in ants inside and on my countertops. This spring will be the challenge and I anticipate good results

07 Apr 2024
Susan S.
Ohio Ohio

Don't like spiders in the house

The whole process is so easy and convenient. The product doesn't have that pesticide smell and doesn't stain or leave an oily residue. Making it great for treating interior areas like basement and garage. After just 2 applications (October and March), I'd say it's every bit, if not more effective than the pest control service we were using. I think doing it yourself you get a better job done at a fraction of the cost.

07 Apr 2024
Penny M.
Colorado Colorado

Stopping bugs has never been easier!

I love that Pestie sends the pest control without me having to remember to order it. It's super easy and fast to apply. Since using it this past year, bugs have disappeared!

07 Apr 2024
Jenny M.
Illinois Illinois

Jenny's review

ok except that the nozzle/ spray attachment is too small for the bag attachment so wasn't able to screw the spray nozzle to the bag. Made the application very difficult.

Pestie Pestie Subscription (Yearly) (Ships every 3 Months) Review
06 Apr 2024
Rick D.
Nevada Nevada

Bug free house

Since starting my pestie subscription, I have had better results than when I had a professional company doing the work. I think I feel better to doing it myself, knowing that it’s done, right

05 Apr 2024
Mario B.
Texas Texas

Great results!

We had great results for an entire year! We used pestie both inside and outside of our manufactured home. We have a cat and 3 children and always felt safe using pestie. When we had a flea problem I contacted Pestie and they helped me trouble shoot the type of treatment I needed, and it worked! 100 percent recommended!

04 Apr 2024
Amanda R.
Georgia Georgia

Bye Terminix, Hello Pestie!

I was spending over $125 every time Terminix came out to treat my house. I live in the city and we have a lot of neighbors around and the lots are very close together. We bought the house and inherited some creepy crawlies that my wife and I were not ok with cohabitating with. We did a year with Terminix and they were very expensive. At the time we needed someone to fix the problem asap so we were willing to pay for the peace of mind. When it came time to renew, the price that was already expensive was going to increase and with the cost of living we were like no way. I stumbled upon a Pestie ad on Facebook and I thought....ehhhh, surely that won't work. Fall rolls around and the bugs start popping off and trying to come inside and I saw another Pestie ad, this time for a huge discount. I said, ya know what We're going to try it out and if it doesn't work then I'm only out the amount I would have paid for a single visit from Terminix. Yes, a whole year of Pestie was cheaper than ONE visit from Terminix. So I signed up for a year, they shipped out my first application immediately. Took about 5 days to get here, so that wasn't terrible but could definitely be improved upon. Applied it, zero bugs. The next shipment came in, rinse and repeat. They even send out an email when they ship it so you know to expect it in the mail. We haven't seen any bugs, or evidence of bugs, inside the house and that's the way we like it. Thanks, Pestie!

04 Apr 2024
Vivian L.
Florida Florida

Love Pestie

My experience has been amazing! Easy to use, not one bug seen in my home and best of all is the low price and convenience.

04 Apr 2024
Chrystal C.
Arizona Arizona

No pests!

Using Pestie is super easy and much more affordable than traditional pest control. I’ve only used 2 applications in Arizona and have not had any issues. Will likely sign up for a subscription for my next application.

04 Apr 2024
Saul R.
Arkansas Arkansas


It’s easy and simple to use